sevDesk API

The information you need, to connect your applications with sevDesk by using our API.

sevDesk offers you the possibility, to manage your account data using our API, at no additional cost.
In fact, you will be able to replicate any functionality that is available on our web app.
All you need is an active sevDesk account and you are ready to start automating your daily business processes, saving valuable time to focus on the important stuff.

Initial information


The sevDesk API is a REST API.

Ressources that you will discover in our API documentation, will almost certainly hold the same name as their counterpart module in our web app.
However, in some cases, you might also encounter synonyms or other terms, that describe the same object or functionality.

Here are a few examples:

API Ressource Objects / Functionality
Invoice Invoices
Voucher Receipts
CreditNote Credit Notes
Order Offers, Orders, and Delivery notes


At the following link sevDesk API you can find the documentation with all information about the API and the endpoints.


If you into any troubles using our API, feel free to contact our technical support team. We are happy to help.👍