sevDesk API

The information you need, to connect your applications with sevDesk by using our API.

sevDesk offers you the possibility, to manage your account data using our API, at no additional cost.
In fact, you will be able to replicate any functionality that is available on our web app.
All you need is an active sevDesk account and you are ready to start automating your daily business processes, saving valuable time to focus on the important stuff.

Initial information


The sevDesk API is a REST API.

Ressources that you will discover in our API documentation, will almost certainly hold the same name as their counterpart module in our web app.
However, in some cases, you might also encounter synonyms or other terms, that describe the same object or functionality.

Here are a few examples:

API Ressource Objects / Functionality
Invoice Invoices
Voucher Receipts
CreditNote Credit Notes
Order Offers, Orders, and Delivery notes

Now that you know what to look for, you hopefully have an easier time finding the information you need in our API documentation and specifications.

If you into any troubles using our API, feel free to contact our technical support team. We are happy to help.👍

OpenAPI Specifications

In the last few days, our OpenAPI specifications have been permanently moved to our main application!
We have updated the links below.
The old links pointing to the previous locations will not be supported anymore.

If you are already an experienced API user, most likely you are looking for an OpenAPI specification that you can use to check out the endpoints you need, to implement your desired business logic that connects your application with sevDesk.

If this is your first time using the sevDesk API, we recommend checking out our API-Overview first.

To make our API clearer and, most importantly, make your work easier, we have tried splitting the specifications by sevDesk modules.
Don't worry, there is still only one sevDesk API.

API specification Description
ContactAPI Manage your sevDesk contacts, their addresses, communication ways, and bookkeeping information.
VoucherAPI Manage your receipts and book them with your transactions.
InvoiceAPI Manage your invoices and book them with your transactions.
OrderAPI Manage your offers, orders, and delivery notes.
InventoryAPI Manage your inventory.



If you are new to REST APIs or if this is your first time using the sevDesk API, then our API-Overview is the right place.

To get you started with our API, and REST APIs in general, our API-Overview provides you with a detailed introduction to our API, taking you from authentication and authorization, through the first request, to an equally detailed explanation of the largest and most used sevDesk modals and how to use them via the API.

You can find it here.

Since this is still an alpha version, there are still several bugs, however, most of them are in the UI.
If you run into any problems outside of the UI, feel free to report them to us.